Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Well on the way to staying on the two steps forward one step back diet plan. Done well for a month or so now stepped back down for a day to give up on diet. Back on today. It's a bit like the tango only with myself and food. Fernando's hiddaway ohla!

Feel better today and started OK but it's Easter and I know that Brian's daughter buys us a Thornton's easter egg with our names on very nice you may say and so it is but when we go on his birthday I will be inundated with chocolate so have to be strong. However I cannot allow him to eat the whole thing himself because he will make it last out for about 2 weeks. That is how much he likes chocolate. For me it could be gone in a day and then the torture is over if you catch my drift.
Problems with losing weight one knows that when one strays from the path of riotiousness one will regain in the blink of an eye.

Hey ho! life is full of ups and downs when one is on a diet. Oh I can hear you saying there are far more worse things to worry about and indeed that is the truth. For now however dieting is my way of life and preventing myself from regaining is on my stupid mind all the time.
When one is a serial dieter it becomes a twelve step program and need to keep busy to keep the mind off food. If I sound slightly hysterical then you would be right.

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