Friday, 1 June 2012


Thankfully  I don't have to go to work, because I am an officially retired person.
When young I used to think that the old were lucky because they didn't have to go to work and it's true, being older and not working has it's moments, but it is nice to earn a few bob, as well as the social side of working. I loved that whole ambiance of being with one's mates and the things we used to laugh at, having coffee breaks going out as a gang in the evenings along with the general sense having one goal.
However saying all that it's great being retired, especially when you live in a beautiful place like Llandudno in North Wales.
The weather is beautiful, the scenery is stunning and the people are warm and in the main welcoming. It is by far the best part of being older and taking the best advantage of the time to do what matters.
However I can understand why we need to eventually retire and that is because one often feels like shit in the mornings.

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