Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I never thought I would say this but I have really really enjoyed all things Jubilee. You have to admire the Queens stamina, she has stood for hours and she is probably 20 years older than me. I go on about headaches, tireness and feeling generally off, but how does she go on, putting herself out there, travelling and socialising. Good God! I find it hard enough taking a trip around Asda for the weekly shop.
God love you your majesty. Sorry about Philip you seemed a bit lost without him there always by your side.
I think maybe you were a bit bemused by the crowds, couldn't quite believe it that in this day and age they turned out for you.
I know for me Royalty blew it when they treated Daina so badly but that's all in the past now although I still love Di and you can see her in her boys. I have even forgiven Charles especially after that moving tribute to his mother last night.
The young Royals have saved the day but the Lovely Kate must learn to wear something a bit warmer, otherwise I spend my time worrying about her getting cold. She certainly was inadequately dressed for that boat trip. Do the sensible thing and make sure you have a coat made to match the colour of your outfit love, like the Queen does.
You young ones may scoff but the old thermals will save the day.

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