Friday, 8 June 2012


Yesterday I thought I was starting with some kind of throat infection, my glands were swollen in my neck and my throat was so red it could have lite up a darkened room.
Anyway, I felt very tired and thought NOOOOO!!! not a cold. So I went to bed yesterday afternoon and slept for many a long hour then woke this morning to feeling better. It was just me making a big thing about some little thing with my body, as per usual. I think, as age comes my hypocondria grows with it. I have got to change this idea that I am going to be ill every five minutes. It seems like its a part of my not doing well in regards my body getting tired rather than illness.  Tiredness is a definate part of aging that part is true and I just have to come to terms with the idea that with age comes a slowing down. On the one hand I want to have the same energy as I used to have but now just cannot muster it. If I have a hectic week then the following week has to be slower.
When I was young I imagined that being old meant that one just got more tired as the years past and then eventually one died. I think it was and is indeed my way of coping with old age and the fear of death.
Does anyone else feel like this I wonder? How do you as a young person image old age to affect you?

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