Sunday, 9 October 2011


Good question, sometimes I wonder. What can any of us say about ourselves. Our names, what we do, names of our children, partners and so on. It only says what we do, who we are related to, not who we really are.

As we grow older shouldn't we more settled, less confused about friendships, relationships and so on?
Arn't we supposed to be more secure in ourselves? To some degree that's true, maybe having more confidence would fit better, better able to cope in society and less self conscious.

I can only speak for myself of course but those I meet of my generation do appear to worry less about what others think and feel about them. They worry about money, bills and putting on wieght which is the same in any generation.

Coming back to who am I? I am still the same complex mass of emotions I was ten, twenty and even thirty years ago, perhaps if I get to eighty, ninty, I won't even think about it. I still worry about my grown up daughter as if she were still dependent on me,  still worry about friends, happiness and most of all I worry about whether or not I will manage to see my grandchildren grow up. I am probably a bit maudling about things cos of my recent heart op and even more philosophical that normal. Oh My God!

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  1. Growing old can be either a marvelous experience or a living hell.
    LIving in between means being in limbo