Saturday, 15 October 2011


What is it about me that I always have to show my feelings, I get so excited when I know we are having visitors. Running around in circles, watching through the window, crying. Oh My God I do show myself up. However I do love having friends and family come. I always know something is going down because they clean, literally clean the house. Something they rarely do and only do when visitors are coming. The hoover comes out, spray polish and dusters, soapsuds and everything tidied away. Even I might get a brush up so it's eyes down and buck up in readiness.

My favourite visitors are uncle Jack and Aunt Pauline whenever they come I just cannot contain my emotions, it's true I love Jack. They say that he isn't keen on dogs but he loves me I can tell. I like to sit next to him and stare into his eyes, also I do lie on his foot just in case I nod off and he gets up to leave. It does hurt sometimes when they all go out in the car and leave me behind, but I would never blame Jack for that.

She, the pack leader is the one who decides if I can go in the car or not so I have to stay good. I have to be a bit of a crawler to get her to feel guilty then she usually gives in and says
OK you can come in the car. "Do you want to go in the car?"
Of course I do "I think she wants to come in the car" she keeps on repeating it.
"OK you can come in the car"
Granted it's not very often we go out together in the blessed car but I know she likes it when I am quiet and pretend to go to sleep on the back seat. I must say I am not very good out in the town because there is so much to see and smell and even at my age I pull them along. I wouldn't mind but I'm at least ten years older than them in doggy years.

I do get my walks and like to be infront, outside I am in charge and love all the scents of the country, especially rabbits and there are mountains of rabbits where we go. If I could just get my teeth on one of them my life would be complete.
My two tend to get upset about the amount of doggy poo that is left on the footpaths but we have to 'go' somewhere, needless to say my two do clean up after me. I used to feel uncomfortable about them watching where I did my do do but now I've go used to seeing them scoop it up in a bag. Whatever turns them on is what I say.

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