Sunday, 2 October 2011


This government has now decided that the priority is to stick to the plan of bringing down the deficit “inherited from the previous government”. There is no provision for generation of productivity and at present the Coalition is borrowing more money than the previous government ever did.
Cameron pledged no u-turns on cuts and dismissed calls for extra spending whilst at the same time he is promising "the most ambitious growth plan that we could possibly have". (Sky News) How can this be? This would seem like a contradiction.

Now we hear that pensioners of which I am one, will be allowed to stay on at work, How does this help the younger generation to obtain work when there is not work available? Unemployment is rising especially with all the redundancies particularly in the North where thousands of skilled workers will be left on benifits. Whole towns are to be affected; small businesses will go under, more unemployed. This is a vicious cycle of loss and despair, how my heart went out to those workers at BAE what a massive blow to their lives and those around them. The first of many large companies affected.
Part time army, the TA are now stepping to fill a gap of soldiers being made redundant how is that right? Making armed forces redundant leaving us vulnerable to those who would do harm. Volunteers’ to take over the paid jobs in society expecting this, so called ‘big society’ to look after and take over from paid workers. 

Cameron has promised up to 200,000 extra affordable homes, who will afford these new homes when the jobless totals are rising. It will generate work but that depends upon where and when and who will benefit.
It is important to make cuts but not as severe, and less harsh, the method being used is cruel to those at the end of this process.

Interest rates are so low in this country, who will invest to help growth?
Who suffers? Not the wealthy public school boys who run our country who have little or no idea of what the average person, young families, pensioners, unemployed and disabled have to contend with because of these cuts.
The members of this government may look pleasant, with their presentation of so called ‘family values’ kissing babies has nothing on them dragging their wives and kids along to every photo shoot. When cuts hit them it doesn’t even show, when it hits the rest of us we feel the pain.
There is so much more to rant about, main services should never have been privatised they have free reign to charge what they want. But that’s another story.

Feel free to rant with me

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