Monday, 16 July 2012


How fast the days go and how scary that is as I get older. Lets face it with age comes some sense of urgency about things left to do in life. In youth time is not an issue because it's a friend. In older age there is a shortage of time because before you know it the day is over and the speed of the days fleeting by is somewhat nerve wracking. I can see 70 lurching towards me and with that also of course comes all sorts of issues that may incapacitate.
Don't get me wrong I am reasonable OK with growing old as long as I retain all my lemon drops, (little grey cells) Granted in some areas they have slowed down but in others I am still quick off the mark. They say the worst thing that can happen is the loss of memory but I suppose you eventually forget that you have lost it.
I of course, like the rest do not want to lose any of my lemon drops and hope by staying active today I will retain some of my physical prowess.
Mostly the thing about getting old that bugs the most is the tiredness, it's uncontrollable and suddenly comes over one like a great blanket thus sleep engulfs, albeit short and sweet. Saying that, it does revive the senses and the body until the next time.
As a young woman I did think about growing old and thought it would be just as it is, growing more tired until one is happy to go because tiredness takes over. Of course the young think time is a big commodity if we grow old its more good luck than management we have no control over what becomes of us.
That old cliche 'You'll be old one day' comes from the lips of the elderly to wards some young wiper snapper who disrespects the elderly. If you're young reading this then please take care of the old because believe me if you are lucky to live to a ripe old age, and it does creep up, 40, 50 and even 60 are young but after 60 pushing 70 then in the main you will feel your age and it does come quicker than you can ever be prepared for.
Of course there is another old cliche 'What goes around comes around' .

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