Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Somedays it is just too hard to do anything. However once I do move then I keep moving. It would be so easy to be a couch potatoe but then when I do veg out I become very annoyed about things, people, the telly and life in general, I feel irritated with myself.  So there is a lot to be said for 'doing' and 'being' and keeping moving.
It is within my nature to be lazy but like anyone with a split personality there are two sides to me. Both extreme either a lazy blob on one side or a workaholic on the other. As I grow older I know that I must not take on too much because I will go too far. I have an addictive personality and one peice of chocolate isn't enough the whole bag must be disposed of. I have been offered work and invited to return to being active psychotherapist but know that one or two clients will not be enough and being semi retired will not do, before very long I will be working hard with several clients a day.

What is it that makes some of us like this?
I believe it's because we do not set limits for ourselves we do not know when enough is enough.
If you have this problem then you may also have problems with food, alcohol and drugs.
Setting boundaries and setting limits is to do with self discipline and in the main something learned in childhood, I know my parents couldn't put limits on themselves let us alone us kids.
I have problems maintaining limits and am only able to do it for a short time before falling backwards into the vastness of over indulgence.

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