Sunday, 15 January 2012


I enjoy walking my dog on the Little Orme in the morning; I am what is known as a ‘responsible dog owner’ I keep her on a lead, albeit a long one even when on occasion berated by fellow walkers who feel a need to advise me to let her run. I nod and smile and even feel the urge to justify my actions on occasion but generally I wait until they are out of earshot then mentally wave two fingers. My dog and I plod on then when she’d done, I clean up her poo which I carry proudly like a badge of honour until I am able to deposit it in the receptacle provided. I laugh when she kicks up the surrounding soil peering back over her shoulder with a look of ‘charge hand’ at a job well done.
Many a day I have to step over piles of this stuff often returning home with it stuck to my shoe.  Yuk!  I have been known to even clean up some other dog’s dirt as well, believe me that is disgusting. Why I ask you, do some people think they can let their dogs leave their mess on our lovely sea view walk. Mostyn estates have large signs requesting responsibility re leads, dog fouling etc but who is policing this? No one seems to notice these quite big signs. Most turn a blind eye to them.
I am a retired psychotherapist and know that humans have an executive function in the frontal lobe of the brain; we have the ability to recognise the consequences of our actions, however watching some dog owners I have to wonder. It is important to say the majority are quick and conscientious in their attempts to clean up after their dogs. Sadly there are many that are not, allowing dogs to run wild, oblivious of their behaviour. For many dog walkers it’s a social event which is wonderful, for others it’s a chance to chat on the mobile and occasionally some can be seen intently texting with heads down, a high percentage are oblivious to where or how many times their dogs have fouled.
We humans have the ability to distinguish between good and bad actions. We are able to recognise what might happen if we do or do not take certain actions. Why then do so many of the dog walking brigade not see that leaving dog poo is wrong for all kinds of reasons. We have the aptitude to decide what to do for the best, we are supposed to be able to suppress unacceptable urges, but perhaps the antisocial dog walker does not give a toss about anyone else. I am proud to say that in humans all of the above qualities involve high mental function, not it seems for the irresponsible dog owner.

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