Friday, 2 December 2011

Would Today's Young Women Fight for Equality?

Why did women fight for liberation? Only for some of todays young women to give up pride in being a woman, self respect and respect for their own sexuality. A percentage of women are allowing themselves to be degraded by the media and allowing themselves to be treated once again as sex objects only to be degraded by choice.

Is it what women faught for in the woman's movement,  died in for the formation of the sufraget movement in order gain votes for women in the 19th Century. Then came World War 1  which saw more women go to work outside the home. In the beginning of the 20th century, women were limited to factory labour and domestic work. During the war they had to take on the work men had done but then when men returned from war they were expected to go back to how it had been. Back to being dependent upon the man of the house.

Life for women before 1960's meant that anyone in a profession had to leave their jobs when they got married.
When I went for nurse training I had to hide the fact that I had a child because women in nursing
had to be single and childless at many hospitals.
It was assumed that the woman would look after the home whilst the husband had the career.
Women could not get a mortgage and certainly needed to be completely reliant upon a man being the bread winner. A woman could not get credit without her husband or father acting as a guarantor.
Women were shamed if they became pregnant out of marriage and many went for 'back street abortions' where they were in danger of septicaemia and even death because Abortion was illegal. Many young unmarried mothers were pressured into giving up their babies for adoption.  In the 1960's the radical political movement challenged this whole concept.
Many women opted for further education because they had left school with very little in the way of a future. When I left school at fifteen my only option was to go straight into a factory. By the mid ninteen sixties women began to expect more. Women  began to march and protest but still faced sexism but were still trivialised by the men. Sexual harrassment was a way of life in the work place and had to be tolerated. Todays young women court sexual harrassment as if its some kind of compliment. However the views of men have not changed, no man wants to spend his life with a woman who has little or no self respect. We can only be respected if we respect ourselves.

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  1. Assuming your view of “today’s young women” is correct are you not criticising their freedom of choice and defeating everything you say was fought for ?