Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I have travelled one hundred million miles
From ancient well remembered biblical styles
Seen the walls of Jericho rise and fall
And have a framed autograph of the Cleo.
I have sailed all waters near and far
Read the future of Kings on distant stars
Trodden lost continents and mapped the road
Watched the side show carnival's magic hold.
But for all the experiences of long ago years
I still find new wonder in the new age
I have greeted you're men on silver moons
And still travel the length of time's cocoons.
And the powers that be have laid their hands
So I guide lost souls to the their final lands
Heaven above or the burning Hell below
Or some mindless space you're yet to know.
The contact between here,then and tomorrow
Lies in the silhouetted figure of my shadow
They call me the traveller from within
And all places and their times are mine to spin.

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  1. Hi June, totally honoured to have one of my pieces on your blog. Sending you a warm hug right across the airwaves. Bless you & All good things to you. x