Saturday, 17 December 2011


It was a spontaneous thing to do inviting my neighbours in for drinks and nibbles. I suppose I thought it was about time after all we have lived here for three years and been on nodding and chatting form with what few I know. I was pleased they turned up and after a slow start and a few drinks down the neck they started to chat. Mostly about politics and the situation of the world today. Each had their own personal gripe, one fella started on about people seeming reluctant to let themselves grow old gracefully, it seemed to be a really irritating thing for him and eventually it emerged he was talking about some friend or other that was  the someone in their sixties who was acting out like the oldest swinger in town. I did get a sense of his jealousy but the group seemed agreed on the fact that we all have to come to terms with growing old in our own inimitable way.

Each of us will tackle it in a different way, coming to terms with being tired and letting go of the idea that we can do what we did even as little as ten years ago. So my view fighting ageing must be even more knackering than if you just let it happen.

Once people knew I write articles in my local paper they seemed more willing to open up about anything from MP's expenses , modern day nursing and the maltreatment of the elderly in care and in hospitals. I heard many stories about how aged parents had died horribly from neglect and how families had complained about the loved ones care by others. Just the occasional person was able to say they had been treated well, in the main there were worries about having to be in that position.

In the main we were stirred up by what is happening in the world of politics and of course we all know politics and religion is a no no subject. Saying that each member of my little band seemed of like minds about what was happening in the country and with this government.

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