Thursday, 3 November 2011


Whow! It is hard work keeping up with the speed of many young minds. I am discovering this in social networking, however the secret is stay true to yourself.  I's best to come to terms with growing older rather than trying to stay young. It's strange how reaching forty is scary, 'the big 4 0' etc then the even bigger '5 0' and so on. Once you get over sixty it can be said that the physical side can be hard to work with, but it's doable. I like it being older, wiser and happy, sometimes about leaving the past behind. Horrible childhood, reasonably difficult adolescents, then exceptionally difficult time in my twenties during the sixties which were unforgiving if you were a one parent family as I was. Then meeting a lovely man getting married and being together for thirty years, sadly losing him before he reached sixty of a terrible condition called Mesothelioma.
When I reached sixty as a widow, I then plucked courage to scour the internet dating system to find the man in my life now. So growing older has many wonderful points apart from time passing far too fast.
I don't need to be young I just need more time.

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  1. It's that last line that it is really all about....'I just need more time' Right where it's at, well said. x