Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Its a perfectly awful day but I have washing on the line at least. However I can see all the dust reflecting upwards from the furniture and table,  but here I sit lost in blog and twitter. Am I addicted? No I don't think so but I do like to rant and so my ranting today is about what life is like after work.

It takes a lot to get used to the whole process of being retired. I always fancied it but could never imagine what people who were retired did with their time. I have been away from the world of work for almost seven years  and I still feel as if I 'should' be doing something constructive and probably productive, with my time. Days pass as quickly as they did in a full days work but probably are now filled with trivia. Sadly when I feel that, I become consummed with the desire to make something, write something or paint something and even on occasion get some part time job. In my past life I was considered a workaholic, there was very little space in my diary to do all of the above. Now I have the space and the opportunity I have to motivate myself. As one gets older it would be so easy to doze in the chair, watch daytime TV and read tat. Thank God I don't do that, well maybe just a little.

Life is so strange, when we get what we want we are not sure if its OK.

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