Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I haven't yet come to understand the wherewithall of blogging even though I have two websites
http://www.juneheathcote.com/ and http://www.dyingtodiet.co.uk/
but the question is do I know how to grow old disgracefully? It took me hours to find how to add to my blog but if I were sixteen I would not even think about mechanism of it all it would be just second nature.

I love twitter and I am not sure why except it has stirred me up to feel disturbed about how hard to be heard it is when as an over sixtyfiver my views are so often ignored.
I have decided I am fighting a war for the older generation. My hubby thinks I should take up politics but I would think its hard to be an honest politician these days or indeed any days.
I am looking to find a way to be a voice for those who find it difficult to deal with the injustices of having to manage on savings, and struggle with the price rises and heating bills and lack of interest on the bits of savings we pensioners have acrued over the years.

But then I do also want to speak about the best side of getting older and indeed I will but that's next time...if I manage to find my blog

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